Everybody has their own field somewhere. Not an area of study or a specialism but an actual field. All the components will be instantly right and somehow you’ll just know yours at first sight. Often it’s a brief glimpse from a hurtling train. Something in the curves of the land or in the starkness, or the pastel shades of a young crop, or a certain winding path and your heart will know for certain that it is has found its own field.

The soil chooses a loam to suit your individual tread and the plants that grow arrange themselves to mirror your soul. The wafts and scents ferment and whoosh, and attune with your own melodies- this partial rejigging ensues like cat precisely bedding itself.

All energies refine themselves as you reach the centre point; for that is the place you must begin your ‘fielding’. First in little whispers you utter your thoughts and as you gain confidence great oratory heights are reached. Out it all comes- the bitter regrets, the secret desires, the hopeless dreams, the yelps and sobs of broken love, the glory never lived, sinewy spittle droops to the earth and tears flick away in the wind and when the nerves settle down, you find the steely tone of truth and yet more truths that live beside each other. Then comes the irony of it all, that here alone in this great space I was only ever a voice within a body ha ha ha and you laugh until your voice is hoarse and your stomach numb.

Outstretch your arms and great roars of truthful simplicity crack the air, as you direct your words to god above and to the passing train. Then comes the urge to bare yourself. The clothes come off and the dance begins. Hops and twists and wind-milling arms. Then, as always happens, the energy is so great the only course of action left is to run…to run hard and wild round your field shouting and screaming, to run and run and punch the air, till finally you come to rest in a pool of blissful naked nirvana. It is then time to return to your life but fielding will arise again and again, perhaps every week until finally you will disappear into the the centre point vortex and never be spoken about again.

Go find your field!