It started one night in my lab in the cellar. I took relevant scrapings from the remaining quarter of the melon leftover from dinner. To this I added the cells of a donkey and a snail. Over time I changed the temperature and positioning of the mixture and waited for a suitable donor to come along. I didn't have to wait too long; for on the tuesday of the second week a deer managed to crash into the perimeter fence. It was badly grazed and one leg was dislocated. I nursed it slowly back to health using some painkillers and some tinctures of herbs from the old country. When it could walk again we began our experiment. Under the hard belly flesh we injected the mixture, just a small amount. 'Lucky' walked as usual for a few months in the back paddock. She was fed on high protein mixtures and enjoyed the lush spring grass. By June the changes in her body were unmistakable. She had the skin of a melon, the head of a snail and the legs of a dear. Inspired by our success we started to inject more material. Like pioneers drunk on our discovery we stopped at nothing. Jerry added a bison, a strawberry, a sunflower and a coral reef. Diane added a bottle-nose dolphin, a sweet potato and a stick insect. I upped the stakes by using a quantum process whereby I could merely visualize my add-ons and so cause them to manifest. This enabled my inclusion of a battleship, a volcanic mountain, most of Australia and vast tracts of Saturn. By the end of the year, fuelled by our youthful excitement and relentless improvements, Lucky became a whole new reality, which we unveiled at an intergalactic science convention. Ahh happy days!