Intelligence is

I am wondering about intelligence itself. I wonder if there is some undeniable intelligence that is somehow independent of the individual brain, a sensibleness inherent in reality that can be accessed. The individual brain can argue intelligently about anything and can find logical streams of thought that suggest that it doesn’t even exist and nor does anything. If that argument is water-tight then the individual is stuck and can, I wonder, only find an exit by a reference to the fact that this argument is in itself not useful. To do that there is a zooming out of the argument to a sort of external intelligence that says the argument is unintelligent. Yet we know it is not unintelligent and that it has progressed with reason. Perhaps then, intelligence has a context behind it- when we are true to the context of continuing our survival, arguments about whether we exist are a threat to that very existence and must be degraded to unintelligence and cast out. When our context is related to the enjoyment of intellectual journeys we are more likely to arrive at a conclusion that we don’t exist and that conclusion will be deemed true. So if intelligence is so flexible is there such a thing as truth? or, rather more importantly, are hedge-hogs capable of sarcasm?