Spoon Stirring And Fourth Levellers

There is a type of person who, when having just scored a point in let's say a quiz, will start gently biting their bottom lip, lower their gaze onto their chest, pull back their head narcissistically and fix their attention on a giant imaginary spoon held in their hands. They will then start to stir the spoon. This they will couple with gyrating hips and in obvious or subtle ways they will sexually taunt the opposing team. For those moments the stirrer is somehow lead by the spoon, they are both triumphant playmates in an erotic game of fleshy conquering, the spoon is my penis and I am stirring you around my bowl of humiliation. To fellow spoon stirrers the sight of a spoon stirrer in full flight provokes in them victorious yips and they too are intoxicated by the "spoon".

Spoon-stirring is usually carried out by pedestrian Bs. Pedestrian Bs? Oh let me explain:

Pedestrian Bs walk in the street without a single care for others; they stop suddenly, zig-zag, crash into you, but once committed to a path and will not deviate no matter the circumstances, even if others had already committed to that same path before them.

Pedestrian Bs are first level why people. First level why people? Oh let me explain:

A first level why person stops their interest in any subject after the answer to their first why

eg. Q. Why have you moved to the country?
A. To be close to nature.
Oh (First level why people finish on an "oh"and end their enquiry)
Q. Why do you want to be close to nature? (Second level)
A. Because I love the grass and the trees and..
Q. Why? (Third level)
A. Because they are palpably good as a direct experience.
Q. Why? (Fourth level)
A. Because my body subtly tunes into them, cells soften and open and there is a feeling of Yes to all things.

I tend to prefer the company of fourth levellers but not always.