Wooing and Wowing

Wowing is a stimulant that allows the femail recipient to indulge in escape happiness (See previous post). She imagines that after everything she has endured finally life, underneath is wildly exciting and that she is cooler, prettier, sharper etc. The effect of this drug is that her esteem goes through the roof. She cannot see straight. She is tuned into the unreal.

Wooing points to the good. It does so directly but gently and is true to expression happiness (See previous post). Wowing points to the false. It's a tempting false though, because it's liberating and exciting

In a wow the man blows his own trumpet through verbal or physical showing-off.

In a woo the exchange is more focussed on her as woman, not as personality, and also on This Now- the flickering leaves on the tree, the warm darkness in the gaps between the radiator slats, the playful knots that have formed on the carpet fray, the play of pressing air together as you come closer, the game of trying to kiss without making a sound, the feel of the space you are in.

Wowing turbo-boosts her to the clouds, then let's her fall to the ground and then absurdly blames her for falling.

Wooing lifts her gently, and floats her along with easy puffs.