Escape Happiness vs. Expression Happiness

What I call Escape Happiness is best demonstrated when somebody you know is displaying an apparent happiness- laughter, upbeat chatiness etc. but also you detect a wrongness, perhaps a new arrogance, even a superiority, you are subtlely rejected you in favour of their new found coolness, sharpness, wittiness. They are lost in a dream of being somebody they are not. This is almost always because their esteem has taken a sharp rise at a rate they cannot cope with. Perhaps they are being wowed by a new boyfriend/girlfirend; they have had the happy coincidence of finding a crowd of people who laugh at all their jokes; they have received a big complement or promotion etc.

In the full intoxication of Escape Happiness the victim imagines themselves to be rather special and great (as they had always secretly wished). Such is their intoxication that they are non-receptive. They are riddled with delusion, tuned into fantasy and falsehood and cannot see straight.Their friends find them a bit up themselves and they start rejecting the good as being boring. The good is not good enough for them because they are worth more.. But they cannot be blamed for Escape Happiness is enticing and giddy and convincing.

Early signs are louder than normal laughing, a slight and new dominance of dialogues and a higher than normal focus on Me. If you are reeling under a bout, yourself, watch out for a feeling of liberation, a sense that finally you have been spotted, and a difficulty in concentrating on things other than yourself.Often Escape Happiness appears for just an evening- a drunken night where all your jokes work. Or for a moment just after a slickly-delivered witticism to a shop assistant.

Expression Happiness does not have a feeling of liberation. It is a feeling of being in the right place, doing the right thing. It doesn't need special circumstances nor people to keep it topped up. It is an impersonal flowing of goodness, from life itself. It has no external cause, rather it is revealed after psychic obstacles are removed.

The trick is to ask if this is Escape Happiness or Expression Happiness that I'm feeling. Why? Because Escape Happiness will always, always lead to delusion then disappointment. Expression happiness is always harmless and joyful with no cause.

Final Tip: Escape Happiness will feel giddy and intoxicating.